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Loyola University Chicago is expressly committed to the promotion of sustainability through the mission of the university and through the Catholic principles of environmental stewardship. In recognition of this objective, it is proposed that a fund shall be designated by the Division of Student Development in order to ensure fiduciary commitment to these principles. The fund shall be for the express purpose of financing student run projects pertaining to furthering sustainability as it directly relates to student life and the campus environment. In conjunction with the Division’s commitment to transformative education, this fund will primarily promote projects that expand environmental and global consciousness as well as impact sustainable behaviors on campus. In order to see the benefits and usefulness of such a fund, it must function for a minimum of three years before it is audited by Loyola administration. This is a fund that has been designed by the students for their peers, both present and future, and will benefit the student body as a whole.


Apply now to join the 2014-15 TGIF Council!

To apply for one of the two open positions, please click here
*Note, applications opened 3/31 and are due by the end of 4/20!


Apply in Fall 2014 for TGIF funding, which is on a first come, first review process. 

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