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The Greek Leadership Retreat is Loyola University Chicago’s annual leadership retreat for chapter and council leadership. The curriculum for the Greek Leadership Retreat is derived from values of the Loyola Greek community and is designed to provide members with 1 1/2 days of learning and self-discovery that will build their leadership abilities in the areas of organizational development, service, and community. As a result of participating in the Greek Leadership Retreat, members should be able to promote positive change within their chapter, council, and the Loyola community.

Intended Outcomes for the Greek Leadership Retreat:

  1. Prepare individuals for their new roles with basic understanding ofUniversity and SAGA expectations
  2. Develop strong relationships with each other to share resources throughout the year
  3. Create/communicate a vision for the Loyola Greek community and its respective councils
  4. Enhance the leadership skills of chapter and council leadership (values based leadership, ethical decision making, community rights and responsibilities, communication and delegation, etc.)
  5. Encourage leadership as responsibility and privilege vs. positional and a right
  6. Gain a greater understanding of the Loyola Greek community
  7. Promote teamwork, collaboration, and community within the respective councils and the Loyola Greek community

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