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We're working hard to spearhead the cultural renaissance that will reverse the anti-reason, anti-individualism, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist trends in today’s culture by creating events focused around debates, speakers, and public gatherings all while staying true to Ayn Rand's ideals and philosophy.

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Read Yaron Brook and Don Watkins, President and Fellow at ARI's, new book Free Market Revolution!

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Nov. 15 Connor Jeffers, President at Loyola SOS, via The Undercurrent

Binders Full of Women: The Philosophy Breaking the Business Ladder

"In the wake of the election season, speculation has abounded over the cause of Obama’s victory. Numerous political outlets cite the importance of female voters in the Republican defeat. The criticism of the Republican “war on women” has not subsided in the aftermath of Obama’s reelection. While Republicans are notorious for their regulatory policies concerning social issues, the attacks on Romney’s campaign took a vigorous new turn after the..." read more.



Oct. 22 Connor Jeffers, President at Loyola SOS, via The Undercurrent

"Where Agriculture Meets Technology!" and Industry Meets Suspicion

"A recent article in The New York Times describes how the once small rural town of Quincy, Washington is being transformed into a center of explosive technological development. Yahoo, Dell, and Microsoft have been constructing massive data centers around the town to utilize the region’s low cost energy, which is nearly three times cheaper than the..." read more.



Sept. 27 Connor Jeffers, President at Loyola SOS, via The Undercurrent

The Liberal Arts: Why Am I Here Again?

"The cost of a college education has recently hit an all-time high. However, despite the increase, with unemployment among liberal arts majors at 9 percent, many graduates are finding it incredibly difficult to find work in their field, and plenty struggle to find work at all. With the rising cost and decreasing value of a liberal arts education, many are starting to wonder why students are willing..." read more.


For more information, you can always contact our President, M. Connor Jeffers on his cell phone at (720)940-8436 or by emailing him at mjeffers@luc.edu.

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