Welcome to the Hindu Students' Organization!

      Loyola’s Hindu Students’ Organization (HSO) is a religious organization aimed to increase awareness of the Hindu faith and culture throughout Loyola University Chicago. The organization began eleven years ago with a few students and a small room in Mundelein. Now, HSO has over 200 members and its very own Puja Room in the new Damen Center.

      HSO hosts various programs, events, and activities to encourage the understanding of Hinduism. Students of HSO gather in the Puja Room and regularly hold aarti prayer services and Saraswati pujas. In addition to conducting the aarti and Saraswati puja rituals, HSO also hosts discussions and service events in order to further increase knowledge and awareness of Hindu practices and serve the community. As a community, HSO celebrates festivals and events throughout the school year, including Navratri Garba, Diwali Dinner, Holi Celebration, and Hindu Awareness Week. Students of all faith traditions attend these events. HSO also participates in a multitude of philanthropy activities including tutoring and fundraisers for charity.

      HSO invites you to visit our prayer space, the Puja Room, in Damen room 238. Students congregate there to perform aarti at 5pm on Monday through Thursday. As per Hindu culture, the Puja Room is also open for individual worship at other times, and visitors are always welcome. 

For detailed information on Hindu culture, check out our Hinduism page.

For more information on HSO, please feel free to contact any of our board members.




Daily Aarti

Join us for daily aarti in our very own Puja Room in Damen 238 from Monday to Thursday at 5pm!