((dop)) Membership
Anyone can become a member of ((dop))! Students who have attended four meetings (a minimum of one general board meeting per semester) and checked in at least three events will be considered members and will obtain election voting rights for personnel elections.

Director Requirements
Director applicants must have previously been a ((dop)) member with voting rights for a minimum of one semester. All directors must be an enrolled undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of 2.5. All directors must be in good judicial standing with the university. Length of term will be April to May of the following year; students studying abroad may not be a director the year they are abroad. The Executive Director must have previously served on the Executive Board.
The Committee Directors shall attend all Executive Board and General board meetings. Have one-on-ones with the graduate assistant. Must participate in tabling events throughout the year. A director shall attempt to attend all of their own events as well as other committees' events. They should support the event of other committees. All directors must attend Trick-or-Treat Loyola, Colossus, Spirit Week events, Homecoming events, and others as needed. They shall hold a weekly committee meeting. Plans events one semester in advance as much as possible. They must setup a ((dop)) table advertising other events and the organization at all on-campus ((dop)) events. Must maintain contact with other Executive Board members and staff throughout the summer. All directors should abide by the descriptions below for their requirements. Must regularly communicate with the ED. Must attend summer retreat. All Committee Directors are expected to reasonably contribute events to fulfill requirements of the late night programming initiative: planning an engaging event every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night after 9pm during the academic year.

Committee Requirements
Concert Committee:
Plan music performance related events or shows both on and off campus. Plan four concerts during the year, one major headliner. Consult general board on artist selection. Survey student body. Plan, market, and execute concerts. Responsible for managing events planned at NACA.

Mainstage Committee:
Plan non-music performance related events or shows both on and off campus. Plan at least four Mainstage event per year, one being a headliner. Consult general board on artist selection. Survey student body. Plan, market, and execute Mainstage events. Responsible for managing events planned at NACA.

Chicago Events Committee:
Plan events off-campus within the city of Chicago. Plan at least six events per semester. Plan, market, and execute events.

Special Events Committee:
Plan events on campus ranging from union events to large-scale events. Plan enough events each semester to fullfil the late night requirement in addition to the Loyola Trick or Treat, Be Chill Bash, and weekly yoga. Plan, market, and execute events.

Day-Trips Committee:
Plan excursions off-campus defined by their distance from campus or the total time involved (minimum three hours) or their active component including outdoor events. Events should not overlap with Chicago Events Committee but may collaborate. Plan at least four events per semester in addition to Fright Fest, Paintball, Ski Trip, and Kayaking. Plan, market, and execute events.

Films Committee:
Plan events involving food and showing movies that have been recently released or have a strong interest for students on campus. Plan events related to films on or off campus, including activities prior to film showings, film festivals, film-making competitions, etc. Plan at least twenty events per year. Plan, market, and execute events.

Campus Outreach Committee:
The committee shall execute ((dop)) involvement at external functions to promote ((dop)) or gain student input, including but not limited to: tabling, CAN meetings, Org Fairs, surveying, etc. Must plan 3 tabling events throughout the year. They will coordinate the planning or involvement of Homecoming, Spirit Week, and Welcome Week events. They will manage the co-sponsorship requests and will seek out co-sponsorships with other departments and organizations.

Email any current directors at loyoladop@gmail.com or contact us via our Twitter or Facebook pages.