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Please contact us if you have any questions about events, meeting times or joining ((dop))!

Dara A Eleazar  
About Dara
Hey! I'm Dara, I'm a sophomore majoring in film and digital media, and I'm the Films Director for DOP this year. I head the committee where we chose the films that get played in the cinema every week and we host special screenings and festivals throughout the year. If you wanna join and hang out with some cinema-lovers like me, stop by Damen 215, every 4th Thursday at 6pm for our committee meetings, or at any of the films playing Thursday and Friday nights at 7 and 9:30pm in the Damen Cinema!

Amanda Guse  
About Amanda
Hi, I'm Amanda! I am the Marketing Director for DOP. I am a senior majoring in Advertising/Public Relations.

Kristine Cordero  
About Kristine
Hello, I'm Kristine Cordero. I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry. I am also the Collaborations Director for DOP (Department of Programming) and Intern Administrator for VSA (Vietnamese Student Association).

Abigail T Wiechman  
About Abigail
Alexa M Nicholson  
About Alexa
Kaylee Hartman  
About Kaylee
Aileen P Saldivar  
About Aileen
Maha Alzanbaqi  
About Maha
Sundas Shahid  
About Sundas


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