Please contact us if you have any questions about events, meeting times or joining ((dop))!

Julia Frances Murphy  
About Julia
Hi! I'm Julie and I am a junior majoring in psychology. I am currently the Executive Director for ((dop)).

Rebecca Lynn May  
About Rebecca
Hi! I'm Rebecca, a junior studying Forensic Science, and ((dop))'s Concerts Director for 2013-2014. This is my third year being involved with ((dop)) and my second year as a director.

Calley Christine Oresick - Special Events Director 
About Calley
Hey there! I'm Calley and am a sophomore psychology major. This is my second year being involved with ((dop)) and my first year as the special events director. Hope to see you at some meetings and events! :)

Kimberly Maria Marroquin  
About Kimberly
Hi, my name is Kimmy Marroquin and I am ((dop))'s Mainstage director. I am a rising Junior majoring in Criminal Justice and Criminology with a double minor in Sports Management and Photography. Also, I am part of Loyola's Club Tennis Team.

Leslie Watland  
About Leslie

I'm Advisor for ((dop)) student organization. This is my first year advising ((dop)) and I look forward to working with such a smart and creative student organization and planning events for the vibrant and diverse LUC community. Interested in joining ((dop)) or planning a collaboration? Reach out! I'm at, ext 88601, or Room 111 at Damen Student Center.

Allison N Adams  
About Allison
Franceska Maria Bellas  
About Franceska
Emily Bridget Devane  
About Emily
Caroline Ada Chalker  
About Caroline
Hi, I am Caroline Chalker the Graduate Assistant for ((dop)). This is my first year as a graduate student at Loyola in the Higher Education program, as well as my first year working with ((dop)). I was born and raised in Connecticut and just graduated from Quinnipiac University where I majored in psychology and minored in sociology. I am so excited to be working with such a great group of students planning events for the Loyola community. Come stop by my office rm. 215 in the Damen Student Center!

Thomas Campbell Hush  
About Thomas