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((dop)) is a student run organization that plans on and off campus events every Wednesday through Saturday for a discounted price or free.  Programming occurs through committees: Concerts, Marketing, Films, Mainstage and Special Events.  We also have a Genboard, where all the general members contribute to the larger outlook of ((dop)) by providing suggestions, input, and helping plan our bigger events.  

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2006: SGA, Student Government Association, the Union Programming Board and “CLUB” existed (CLUB would be the equivalent of dop)

2007: Union Programming Board was dissolved

2007: Conversations began to discuss merging SGA and CLUB, spring of 2007 it was determined that they would merge and become USGA

2008-2009: the programming arm of USGA was named the department of programming.  Merger proved problematic, tensions between department of programming students and student government students were high.  Two different purposes created an “un-unified” group.

2009-2010: New Vice President approved student request to split the two groups and the Department of Programming name stayed and ((dop)) brand was born

2010: Colossus was born

2013-14: Advisement of ((dop)) was transitioned to Student Centers

2014-15: Advisement was transitioned back to SAGA



Loyola University Chicago

Department of Programming’s Constitution:

Article 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Department of Programming ((dop)).

Section A. ((dop)) shall always be written with double parenthesis with Helvetica Neue Ultra Light. If this is not possible it is acceptable to write it as DOP.

Article 2 – Purpose

To provide students with a variety of activities to enhance the Loyola experience.

Article 3 - Mission Statement

To provide major educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs to benefit the university community, and enhance the Loyola experience while upholding the mission of Loyola University Chicago as stated within the Student Promise.

Article 4 - Membership and Expectations

The ((dop)) shall be composed of the executive board, committee members and general board.

Section A. Executive Board shall consist of:

Executive Director (ED):

The ED shall preside over executive and general board meetings. He or she shall be responsible for leadership training and development for ((dop)). The ED will send out weekly emails about upcoming events. Must participate in tabling events throughout the year. The ED will represent the ((dop)) internal function as well as the request of the administration. The ED shall initiate the creation of necessary ad-hoc committees. The ED must maintain contact with other Executive Board members and staff throughout the summer. Have one-on-one meetings with the graduate assistant and ((dop)) advisor. Regularly communicate with all other directors. The ED will manage the co-sponsorship requests and actively seek out collaborations and make the appropriate directors aware of possible opportunities. The ED shall coordinate membership and retention efforts for the ((dop)). The ED shall oversee the management of the ((dop)) website, as well as other online communication, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, the University Calendar, LUCentral, etc. Must attend at least one event per committee per semester. Must attend summer retreat and help plan all ((dop)) retreats. They will continuously promote and develop ((dop)) as a brand & organization.

Committee Directors:

The Committee Directors shall attend all Executive Board and General board meetings. Have one-on-ones with the graduate assistant. Must participate in tabling events throughout the year. A director shall attempt to attend all of their own events as well as other committees' events. They should support the event of other committees. All directors must attend Trick-or-Treat Loyola and Colossus. They shall hold regular committee meetings. Plan events one semester in advance as much as possible. They must setup a ((dop)) table advertising other events and the organization at all on-campus ((dop)) events. Must maintain contact with other Executive Board members and staff throughout the summer. All directors should abide by the descriptions below for their requirements. Must regularly communicate with the ED. Must attend summer retreat.

Section B. ((dop)) Membership shall be defined as:

Students who have attended four meetings (a minimum of one general board meeting per semester) and checked in at least three events will be considered members and will obtain election voting rights for personnel elections.

Section C. General Board shall be defined as:

Members of the general board, which is open to any Loyola University Chicago student.

Article 5 - Committee Descriptions and Requirements

Section A. Concert Committee:

Plan music performance related events or shows both on and off campus. Plan concerts during the year, one major headliner. Consult general board on artist selection. Survey student body. Hold a monthly Open Mic Night. Plan, market, and execute concerts.

Section B. Mainstage Committee:

Plan non-music performance related events or shows both on and off campus. Plan appropriate number of Mainstage events depending on budget available, one being a headliner. Consult general board on artist selection. Survey student body. Plan, market, and execute Mainstage events.

Section C. Special Events Committee:

Responsible for implementing large scale special events throughout the year. Events include, but are not limited to, the Loyola Trick or Treat, Masquerade, Less Stress Fest, Welcome Week/New Year’s Fest and Colossus Reveal. Plan, market, and execute events.

Section E. Weekly Events Committee:

Responsible for implementing small scale special events throughout the year with the help and insight from their respective committee. Responsible for event planning, marketing and execution. Events will include, but are not limited to: yoga, grocery bingo, team trivia, Ireland’s events, laser tag, Dueling Pianos etc.

Section F. Films Committee:

Plan events involving food and showing movies that have been recently released or have a strong interest for students on campus. Gather opinions from Genboard in regard to future film decisions. Plan events related to films on or off campus, including activities prior to film showings, film festivals, film-making competitions, etc. Plan, market, and execute events.

Section G. Marketing Committee:

Responsible for managing the ((dop)) website, as well as other online communication, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, the University Calendar, LUCentral, Instagram etc. They will hold responsibility for communicating marketing needs to the graphic designer including all details for posters (digital and print), ticket sales and event requirements etc. Ensure that marketing is successfully sent out to ((dop)), Loyola and the greater community when specified. Will work to continually improve recruitment efforts and membership maintenance by gaining feedback from Genboard, committees and executive board and relaying information to graduate assistant and ED. Represent ((dop)) at org fairs, CAN meetings and any tabling events.

Article 6 - Executive Board Requirements

The Executive Director must have previously served on the Executive Board. Directors must have previously been a ((dop)) member with voting rights for a minimum of one semester. All directors must be an enrolled undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of 2.5. All directors must be in good judicial standing with the university. Length of term will be April to May of the following year; students studying abroad may not be a director the year they are abroad. All executive board members will receive a stipend.

Article 7 - Elections and Appointments

Section A. Quorem

A quorem of 15 present ((dop)) members is needed to vote on any issue or postion.

Section B. Elections

The ED will be elected by ((dop)) members (including executive board). Those applicable candidates wishing to run for ED should submit a statement of candidacy on LUCentral no later than 1 week prior to the election. Voting will be conducted at a general board meeting in March by secret ballot listing all qualified applicants for ED. The date of the election will be determined at least 1 month in advance. A majority of 50 + 1% is needed to win. If this is not achieved in the first round of voting, a run-off election will take place between the top two candidates. Individuals who are running for ED cannot vote in the election. In the event there are a shortage of total applications, including those for ED the following measures will be put into order: the ED position will be filled first and then committee responsibilities will be combined as seen fit.

Section C. Appointments

Eligible students who wish to be considered for director positions should fill out the appropriate application on LUCentral by the date specified on the application. Candidates may run for up to two positions. In the event no one applies for a particular position, offers can be made to other applicants. Voting will be split between four groups: General board, Executive Director, Graduate Assistant and current Executive Board. General Board has 24 hours after speeches are made to vote on LUCentral. Each group has a 25% weight to vote.

Section D. Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy (through resignation or other reasons), the executive board will meet as quickly as possible and discuss the process for a potential special application process if there is ample time to fill the role; if not, current directors or existing committee members may fill that role in an ad-hoc capacity. If there is ample time to fill the role, applications will be made available to the programming assistants and an ad-hoc committee will conduct an appointment process like that of the director appointment process described in Section B. Appointments.

Article 8 - Removal from Office

In the event a director does not fulfill their role and responsibilities, all matters concerning lack of decorum will be considered by the staff and graduate advisor for further action. As an ultimate deciding factor, the staff/grad advisor will call a special meeting, where the individual(s) will be given a chance to respond and a vote of simple majority of the executive board will commence to discuss requirements not being met and sanctions will be considered if vote passes.

Article 9 - Co-Sponsorships

Student organizations wishing to cosponsor an event with the ((dop)) shall submit a co-sponsorship form on LUCentral for consideration. In the event of an organization coming to the ((dop)) with a specific event in mind, that organization should approach the ((dop)) and work within the processes outlined in this document. There will be no co-sponsorship if the ((dop)) does not have an active role in the planning and implementation of each event attached to the ((dop))'s name. In the event that the ((dop)) reaches out for specific co-sponsorship opportunities, such as the Trick-or-Treat event, the co-sponsorship form may not be necessary.

Article 10 – Evaluations

Final event evaluations must be submitted for each event no later than 1 week after each event via LUCentral. Directors should solicit input from attendees for the information to be added to the evaluation.

Article 11 – Amendments to Constitution

Constitutional amendments can be made as seen necessary by the executive board. Meetings must be called to discuss/debate changes. A vote must be called for, ¾ of the executive board must agree upon the change. Graduate Assistant and Supervisor must be made aware of the change before it is implemented.


The ((dop)) considers hazing to be a most destructive and degrading activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. Hazing, defined as: Hazing is any intentional or reckless action or situation, created to produce emotional or physical discomfort, harassment, humiliation or ridicule, is strictly prohibited. ((dop)) recognizes the dignity of every individual and opposes all forms of hazing.


It is unacceptable and a violation of university policy to harass, discriminate against or abuse any person because of his or her race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. Such behavior threatens to destroy the environment of tolerance and mutual respect that must prevail for this university to fulfill its educational and health care mission. For this reason, every incident of harassment, discrimination or abuse undermines the aspirations and attacks the ideals of our community. Discrimination is adverse treatment of a person or group based on race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other characteristic protected by applicable law, and not individual merit.

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