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Student Organizations

There are two types of Student Organizations here at Loyola: Registered Student Organizations and Sponsored Student Organizations. Check out the '13-'14 Student Organization Quick Guide for tips on successful organization operations!

Registered Student Organizations 

Registered Student Organizations (RSO): Student organizations that are formally recognized by the University and are originated out of student interest – they are not directly connected or supported by a University department.  RSOs are formed by currently enrolled students sharing a common goal or interest and have properly completed the necessary forms on time and agree to adhere to guidelines established by the University.  RSOs regularly contribute to the campus community by hosting activities and/or opportunities for students to engage beyond the classroom.  They clearly articulate a mission consistent with the University mission and are open to all students without regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.  RSOs must have the University’s mission listed in their constitution. Social fraternities and sororities where applicable, may retain gender specific membership. Once registered with the Student Activities & Greek Affairs Office, the RSO becomes eligible for certain privileges and access to University facilities. See the RSO Handbook for a full list of RSO rights, responsibilities, and privileges.

Registered Student Organization Categories

Student Activities & Greek Affairs has identified seven types of registered student organizations and reserves the right to approve the following category designations:

Academic/Honorary Activities and membership center on a particular academic or collegiate course of study or curriculum; organizations which select members on the basis of achievement in a particular academic discipline.
Cultural/Ethnic Activities and membership center on a particular ethnic or cultural group.
Hobby/Special Interest Activities and membership center on a particular hobby and/or special interest area.
Media Student-operated publications which publish on a regular basis.
Political/Social Issues Organizations affiliated with local and/or national political bodies; activities and membership center on interest in a particular social issue or concern.
Service/Spiritual Activities and membership involve primarily spiritual activities and/or development through volunteer and/or service projects.
Social Sororities & Fraternities

Activities and membership center on the fraternity and sorority system.  These organizations are governed by the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) or Panhellenic Councils.

Sponsored Student Organizations

Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) are defined as student organizations that are formally 
recognized by the University and are inherently linked to a University department. They are classified 
as sponsored as they are groups that are departmentally supported. The mission and operations of an 
SSO are considered mission critical to a specific department and/or the University. The financial resources used to support an SSO come directly from a University department and therefore, SSOs are not eligible to receive funding through the Student Activity Fund.  SSOs are solely comprised of enrolled students. See the RSO Handbook for a full list of SSO rights, responsibilities and privileges.


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