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Advisor Resources


Advisors must be a full-time faculty/staff member of the University or a part-time faculty/staff member with approval from both their supervisor and the Director of Student Activities & Greek Affairs.

Role & Expections

Advisors are to serve as role models and as resources to their student organization. For the advisor, there are many intrinsic rewards that come with advising a student organization. Advisors get to observe students develop confidence and leadership skills through organizational programming and watch the organization, as it strives to work towards common goals. Being an advisor is a great way to connect with the University community and to witness first-hand how student leaders build character, trust, self-confidence and responsibility. SAGA can help you get the basics down with the help of an Advisor Quick Guide.


  • Read and understand University policies relevant to organizations and communicate these to the organization leadership.
  • Supervise the organization’s planning and events to make every effort to ensure that these activities are in line with all University policies, as well as federal, state and local laws.
    • If the plans or events are contrary to University policy and/or any federal, state or local laws, then assist the organization leadership with developing alternative strategies which are in line with policies and laws.
    • Provide advice and counsel by sharing expertise, insights and ideas, and making recommendations when appropriate to help the organization reach their goals.
    • Discuss and establish expectations of both the advisor and the student organization membership.
    • Take an active part in helping the student organization form bylaws, guiding principles and/or constitutional updates.
    • Meet regularly with the organization’s president to discuss organizational matters and to relay and update information.
    • Approve any designs to be used on any organization merchandise.
  • Be abreast of all paid and unpaid contracts for performance or service agreements.
    • Be aware of important deadlines and paperwork that the organization needs to turn in to the Office of Student Activities & Greek Affairs.
    • Assist in the planning and implementation of events held by the organization.
    • Attend SAF funded events that your organization is hosting.
      • In the event that you are unable to attend; help your organization find another member of Loyola University Chicago’s faculty or staff to attend the event.
      • Serve as a liaison to connect the organization with campus and community resources.
      • Communicate regularly with the Student Activities Coordinator and when appropriate with other members of the Student Activities & Greek Affairs team.

We ask advisors to refrain from filling out documents and forms on behalf of student organizations. Please utilize these opportunities as leadership developmental and teaching moments for our students.

Liability and Risk

Advisors are covered under the University’s General Liability policy so long as they are acting at the direction of the University. They must be performing services on behalf and with the express direction of Loyola University Chicago to be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your organization in need of an advisor?

A good starting point is to consider the mission of your organization. Consider offices/departments on campus that might share your mission or purpose.  Finally, talk with faculty or staff that you may know to determine their interest.  If you are still having trouble finding a suitable advisor contact activities@luc.edu for assistance.

How do I update my advisor information?

To add, remove, or change your advisor information, the organization's OrgSync administrator must update the officer/organization information.  To do this go to the organization OrgSync portal, select Settings, and begin the profile update.  Be sure to select 'Officer/Organization Update' for your registration type.


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